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IntraFi® Overview

IntraFi provides solutions that deliver the flexibility that financial institutions, their customers, and their communities need to thrive in today’s market. We are a trusted partner to nearly 3,000 of the nation’s banks, and our financial network is the largest of its kind. Our network enables financial institutions to offer depositors access to millions in FDIC insurance, all through a single financial relationship. This level of security is otherwise cumbersome or very costly to achieve.

The people behind the company come from a variety of backgrounds that include deep regulatory and banking industry expertise, as well as specialized knowledge in fields like finance and technology. Thousands of financial institutions use one or more of the company’s products to offer their customers smart, convenient ways to protect their large-dollar deposits.

Headquartered in the greater Washington, DC area, IntraFi has a board and a management team that include leading banking experts from the most senior levels of policymaking and practice. Together, they bring a remarkable depth of experience and marketplace knowledge to IntraFi Network and the services it develops. Visit for more information about IntraFi.