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Keep your cash balances safe with a simple, secure solution.

Thousands of banks across the United States offer the ICS and CDARS services from IntraFi to help valued customers balance their needs for safety, returns, and liquidity.

How it can work for you.

When you have deposits at a single bank in a single ownership capacity, then you have access up to $250,000 in FDIC insurance at that bank. By using services from IntraFi you can access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection through a single bank relationship.

Financial institutions that offer IntraFi's services are members of IntraFi's network. When you submit funds for placement through your bank using ICS or CDARS, that deposit is divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000 and placed in deposit accounts at other network banks. You can choose to have funds placed in demand deposit accounts (using the demand option), money market deposit accounts (using the savings option), or CDs.  With your funds placed in amounts below $250,000, you can rest assured that both principal and interest are eligible for FDIC insurance.

By working directly with just one network bank of your choosing, you can access FDIC coverage from many. And, you can enjoy the convenience of transparent, detailed reporting and the ease of receiving periodic statements from your bank.


Getting started with IntraFi Network Deposits in 5 easy steps.



You sign a DPA (Deposit Placement Agreement) and a custodial agreement.


With the demand and savings products, you identify an existing transaction account (or set up a new one) to be used with each option chosen. With the CD product, you simply deposit money with your bank.


Funds are placed into deposit accounts or CDs at other network institutions in accordance with the applicable DPA.1


Enjoy transparent, detailed reporting. With the demand and savings products, you can check balances and see where funds are at all times using easily accessible online tools. With the CD option, you receive confirmation of your CDs from your bank.


Receive one periodic statement from your bank (per account type) detailing activity.



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See what others say.

I have found participation in CDARS to be simple and a time saver. We earn very competitive interest rates on our investments while freeing up staff time. We were in CDARS during our last audit and passed with flying colors!

Christine J. Johnson

Treasurer, DeKalb County, IL

[My boss] has an ‘on top of it’ philosophy. CDARS gives us a single statement, and we know we’re protected and where the money has been transferred to. The service was made for someone like him.

Business Manager

Insurance Company

All the work is done on the institution’s part and not ours [with IntraFi's services]. One less thing I have to do. It’s all under one roof but not under one roof. [My bank rep] was able to bring everything under one bank. So wonderful.


Healthcare Industry Vendor